Recall Exams

If you are a denture wearer and you have not been in to see your denturist in over a year; you should pick up the phone and schedule yourself a recall appointment.

The biggest road block we encounter at our office when trying to book patients in for their yearly recall is this statement:  “why do I need to come in to see you?  My dentures feel fine I’m not having any problems.”

What many denture wearers don’t realize is that there are many things we are checking for when they come in.  We check the fit and function, we check the bite (the way the teeth are coming together), we check the wear pattern on the teeth from chewing foods, we do a VELscope assessment (which helps to detect oral cancer) and we make sure that they are maintaining good oral hygiene.  Sometimes at this appointment minor adjustments are required for the dentures this could include tightening clasps on a partial denture.  It’s kind of like maintaining a car (only sometimes we maintain our cars better than our bodies) regular maintenance keeps your dentures in peak shape and can catch potential problems before they become serious.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our office 905-459-7442 or visit our website:


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