Clear or white clasps on a partial denture

Many individuals wearing partial dentures do not like the look of the metal clasps near the front or anterior region of the mouth.  A way to resolve this is with a clear or white clasp.

Clear or white clasps can take the place of a metal ones and esthetically look great!  These clasps can be placed on a existing cast metal framework or on an acrylic denture.  The clear or white clasp virtually blends into the surrounding area of the mouth once moistened with saliva.

They make a great alternative to the metal clasps; however the only down fall is they are not as strong as their metal counter parts and cannot be tightened.  You could also have denture with a combination of metal clasps in the posterior or back of the mouth (if possible) and the white or clear in an area that would be visible when speaking or smiling.

If you think this may be a solution for you or if you have any questions regarding this treatment; feel free to contact our office 905-459-7442 or visit our website


Denture relines

To reline a denture new base material is added to the tissue side of the denture to help maintain a proper fit. The reline consists of your Denturist taking an impression inside your existing denture. A reline of your denture will only affect the fit and not the appearance.
Relines are required when tissue changes have occurred due to resorption or shrinkage. This can be due to a loss of weight, loss of bone, loss of teeth, ageing, disease or illness. A reline will not correct any problems associated with worn down teeth or an incorrect bite.

Usually a reline is completed on the same day; our patients come in to the office in the morning and return in the afternoon.  We generally encourage our patients to bring an old set of dentures with them so they do not need to leave the office with nothing in their mouth.

Some relines can be done chair side and therefore the patient does not need to be without their teeth, but this would be assessed by the denturist.

If you think you require a reline of your denture, or if you would like an assessment;  you can contact our office 905-459-7442. Or visit our website  

Fiber Force reinforcement for dentures

Fiber Force is a very strong reinforcement material used in dentures to help give them strength.  It is very esthetic, comfortable and light; in comparison to other reinforcements like cast metal.

Our office did our own experiment and were VERY surprised at the results;  we took two dentures made for the same patient, one with a cast mesh (metal) reinforcement and one with fiber force out to the back of the office, to see for our selves which was truly stronger.

We used a metal headed hammer on both: the first denture with the metal reinforcement took one hit from the hammer and it snapped in half.  The other denture with the fiber force took 10 hits before it started to break.  All of the teeth had come off the denture but it was still in tact.

This was very surprising to us as you would think that the metal would have been stronger; but being that it was harder made it brittle allowing it to break very easily.

If you think you may need to have a reinforcement placed in your denture; or if you have any questions regarding this service or product,  please visit our website or contact our office      or 905-459-7442.